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    Thank you so very much AMAZING subbing ladies that spent your free time subbing this amazing series so that we can all enjoy!

    • BPS

      Hi friend, have you seen Song of Phoenix? I am wondering if its any good, Make is in and just for that i want to watch it but just wondering if this one will get translated.

      • REYLOVE

        no but will do once more episodes are subbed.

        • BPS

          Yes I agree, I will also wait until it gets subbed.

  • Samantha S

    Thank you so much for subbing this! I can hardly wait for the other episodes.
    #TeamYaLong ^__^


The Journey – 寻找前世之旅 – Based on the popular web novel by Vivibear, The Journey brings back much of the crew behind Journey of Flower’s groundbreaking success with Gao Lin Bao 高林豹 taking the reigns as director once again.