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  • oppa lover

    Oh my God. Its finaly here. Its finaly finaly here. I cant believe this.
    Now the wait for subs begins.

  • Angelis Jessica


  • please please someone sub this!!

  • destinycake

    Ohhh!! It’s heeree!! 😀
    YAY! I’m so excited!

  • jude

    Yay! It’s here I was looking forward to this drama !😀😍😘🙌

  • Leticia Bravo

    well the drama look good he one my favorite male actor I saw him in eternal life or three life but the female is not my favorite they should put other actress but anyway let give a chance let see I so how she act in the last drama she not good the all in that drama maybe this one is ok let see

  • airisu

    Thank you 4udrama for the uploads!!!Excited for this drama!!!
    My drama life has no end…

  • azie abdullah

    Please sub this @4udrama!!!!! Can’t wait to see it…hopefully the ending not sad as PA..

  • Momilkie

    Oh thank god, I’ve been looking forward to this!
    I loved these two in Eternal Love and was excited to see that instead of playing secondary characters they’ll be mains together. T u T <3

  • its finally here!!! but i heard it will have a sad ending 🙁

    • oh gosh

    • michoerly zhj

      Don’t tell me..???? why????

  • KingZhiMing_is_my_king

    Dilraba and Vin! My Ship!!! <3

    Finally its here!! will you guys sub this??????

  • Kristine Cann

    please sub this series.

  • Ok I am here to give this drama a go

  • Ok so ive watched and have now seen that these 3 leads were childhood friends. Im still not sure how i like it but thank you 4udrama for being able to watch and for the amazing work you do. I do appreciate it so much.

  • Juliana😍SJS

    Wow Dilmurat and Vin Zhang

  • syafiq



Chinese: 丽姬传
English title: The King’s Woman


The King’s Woman based on a series of novels by Sayling Wen which revolves around a fictionalized romance between Gong Sun Li, Ying Zheng and Jing Ke that begins during the Warring States Era.

The story places the heroine Gong Sun Li between two powerful figures. Ying Zheng is the Emperor of the Qin Dynasty, a formidable ruler credited for constructing The Great Wall of China yet he is not only revered but also feared for his cunning-nature and ruthlessness. Jing Ke on the other hand is known throughout history as the man who attempted to assassinate Ying Zheng.