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  • bunaku

    english sub please. thank you. lately chinese dramas have wonderfull soundtrack. sooo happyyy

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    Why does it look so blurry

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      Change quality HD

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    Yay its here ! Thank You

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    Only about 8 minutes is subbed. When will the subs for the episode finish?

    • 4udrama

      Episode 1 with English subtitle will be released today. And we do not have a specific time for it. Hope you waiting for it

  • Saesang

    Guys is the lead Yue QI from Princess Agents? 0___0, he’s having a great year… Princess Agents did great for him, awesome start to his career, 2 lead roles right after, with a season 2 of The Eternal Love set for next year…

  • killthenoodle

    This is super random but doesn’t this theme song sound similar to Say U Love Me by Jason and Lara from the drama It started with a kiss, like the melody. After reading the webtoon and hearing that the drama is out I couldn’t be more ecstatic than I am now. I love the theme songs and the actors and actress that were cast, great choice. I can’t wait for the rest of the subs good job subbing team and thanks for 4udrama for having this.

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    Thanks for sub,looking forward for next ep sub ^_^

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    could you please upload in a different server. Dailymotion is banned in my country.

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    guys please translate better! it is painful, we are thankful for this but still a little more work please

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    subs please ♥

  • Freeya Vida

    I can’t recognise or read the subtitle, the letters are too small.

  • tnguy

    why did they dub all the voices? it doesn’t have a very natural feel. not like “A Love So Beautiful”.

  • Lilly

    Can anyone sub this drama? This drama look interest very want to watch

  • sammy

    the cast is good and considering the story line, the drama’s suppose to have potential but the plot is so badly executed. oh why, i’m really disappointed.

  • Freeya Vida

    Although, updating of English sub is very slow, I have patience on waiting .. still thankful..


Native title:无法拥抱的你
English title: Touch Me
Aka: Wu Fa Yong Bao De Ni, I cannot Hug You, I can not embrace you

Xing Zhao Lin
Zhang Yu Xi

It’s a modern fantasy Cdrama adapted from Korean comics, UnTouchable, illustrated by massstar, starring Xing Zhao Lin (The Eternal Love) and Zhang Yu Xi (My Little Princess) as the main OTP. Our heroine’s a beautiful modern-day vampire who survives by absorbing energy through touching other human beings. HA. Vampires are so refined nowadays, no more neck biting? And he’s the gorgeous germaphobe who just moves in next door.