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    Can i download this drama?

  • Regilia Asri Cahyaningtyas

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    English please

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    I can’t ever seem to get into anything Thai. That language tone is so strong.


U Prince Series: The Handsome Cowboy: Curry was a troublemaker, Sabtit was a playboy who went to at a party the other day to court her. He arrived with a determination and intention to hold her to teach a lesson  But who knew that she was the cute little girl who do two braids in her head. Seeing this he didn’t court her rather he bond with her than anyone else. later As fate had destined her to come live with him, in his farm family enterprises. Sure, he the Hot young owner of Faculty of Agriculture so he will not let opportunities like this slip away again he will vanquish her back because he like this so called young adorable girl named Curry


1.Puttichai Kasetsin (พุฒิชัย เกษตรสิน) aka DJPush —– as Sibtit
2.Esther Supreeleela (เอสเธอร์ สุปรีย์ลีลา) —– as Phrik khing translate as Curry

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