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  • Jskinz

    Is she suffering from Postpartum depression? Because if not it’s time to file for divorce. Her behavior is emotional abuse. The man lost a bunch of friends, she is calling his job which has to have his co workers looking at him sideways, and now she’s following him around. He was wrong for dumping the food on her at the wedding, but everything he does is in reaction to her.

    • ilove rob

      But look at another perspective u have it child but u go eating with friends 2 days on a row n we haven’t see the backside behind that she said he used to call her nonstop ask her but now he changes ev3n if he had meetings how can a father doesn’t care abt his child in 8 3os-till now we haven’t see him go to his child – – if he had time for his friends for back to back go to her office what do u say —– in hindsight ok she is computing but that chance was given by him if he had no child I can understand it’s work but thatbwasnt show yet —- he can call the fren-but not his wife even to ask abt-that child is that fair — in party she said time to go home isn’t his job to send his wife first to look after their child who is 5 months old instead he wants to party with friends

      • Jskinz

        They only dated a couple of months before she got pregnant then they got married, so comparing that early honeymoon phase to actually being in a relationship with responsibilities is unfair. He doesn’t want to call or go home because all she does it yell at him and hit him. If he calls to ask about his daughter she’ll spend the conversation accusing him of cheating. He met his friends for lunch during work hours. And of course he doesn’t want to go out with her, she doesn’t even calm her temper in public. At the wedding she thought it was perfectly acceptable to start berating him and accusing him of all kinds of things with other people around.

        If she was a man yelling at and hitting his wife there would be no question about her partner not wanting to go home and needing to separate. If her erratic behavior is about a hormone imbalance from the pregnancy then they can work it out. If this is just her personality then he needs to run. He’s not cheating, he’s not spending money on frivolous things. He is working crazy hours and occasionally hangs out with his friends.

        • kingofmoney

          she’s nuts


Native title: แหวนดอกไม้
English title: Will You Marry Me? (Waen Dok Mai)
Aka: Flower Ring

“Single is the best” is the slogan of the free-spirited single lady Waenpetch, who’s an editor for the Lovely Family magazine, and the gentle flower shop owner Laising. They both don’t believe in marriage. One day, they meet at a wedding when they accidentally catch the bouquet at the same time. They become friends since they share the same views about love and marriage, But what’s going to happen when they startto have feelings for each other?