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  • Jskinz

    If the niece blamed her aunt for sleeping with her “boyfriend” then I’m sure she’ll find a way to blame the pregnant girl too. Especially since her other aunt is a psycho who had a shotgun wedding, it’s not like she doesn’t see crazy everyday.

  • leirs

    To be honest Daow and her husband Thu are both so immature..Daow is a nag and Thu is not ready to be married how can he still hangout with his friends when his first priority should be his wife and daughter.

  • Maria Ochoa

    Is that it…

  • Jang Lee

    piak is the only normal person here.


Native title: แหวนดอกไม้
English title: Will You Marry Me? (Waen Dok Mai)
Aka: Flower Ring

“Single is the best” is the slogan of the free-spirited single lady Waenpetch, who’s an editor for the Lovely Family magazine, and the gentle flower shop owner Laising. They both don’t believe in marriage. One day, they meet at a wedding when they accidentally catch the bouquet at the same time. They become friends since they share the same views about love and marriage, But what’s going to happen when they startto have feelings for each other?