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  • Ada Aloudia

    When will this be subbed?? T.T

  • Fathima Noureen

    Where are the subtitles 😭

  • jude

    Its promising 🙂

  • ZeeD

    No subbing yet?

  • Elizabeth Guzman Martin O’Brie

    engsub, please …

  • Tsubaki

    great cast… sub it pleaseee)))

  • ZeeD

    What happened with this drama? The same thing that happened with “Memory Lost” it got stuck at ep 3 with no subs and it has taken months and months to get subbed!

  • MoUnni

    WHERE U AT? Not even the rest of the raw episodes are uploaded 🙁

  • kdramaperks

    thank you for the sub!! been waiting 🙂

  • peekaboo_mysterio aka Lucy

    Haha did dude really just say *What the fuck! That is funny.

  • Gem

    Still waiting for the subtitles,,please sub,, thank you,,


Chinese title: 轩辕剑之汉之云
English title: Xuan Yuan Sword: Han Cloud
As known as: Xuan-Yuan Sword Legend: The Clouds of Han, Xuan Yuan Sword: Legend of the Han Clouds


The plot revolves around the three kingdoms Shu, Wei and Wu and the heroic accomplishments of the young heroes and heroines of its time. Two brothers whose entire existence are brought upon by the Xuan Yuan Sword are separated at birth and they grow up oblivious to each other and fighting for opposing sides at war.