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Ban Shu Legend

Episodes: 0/32
Ban Shu Legend

Chinese title: 班淑傳奇  / Bān Shū Chuán Qí
English title:  Ban Shu Legend
Genre: Drama, Historical, Political, Romance

Episodes: 42

Producers: Yu Zhen & Jing Tian

Director: Xu Hui Kang

Scriptwriter: Zhāng Wēiwēi

Broadcast Period: October 16, 2015



Jing Tian – Ban Shu

Zhang Zhe Han – Wei Ying

Fu Xin Bo – Huo Heng

Li Sheng – Empress Deng Sui

Zang Hong Na – Yin Xiu

Deng Sha – Yao Juan

Yang Ming Na – Ban Zhao

Zhang Meng – Yue Jin

Lu Hong – Yang Zhen

Qian Yong Chen – Ban Chao

Merat – Kou Feng


The story tells of the niece of the first female prime minister Ban Zhao. The titular Ban Shu earns her way up to become a teacher at the Royal Female Academy formed by the Empress Deng Wei. However, her job in the court becomes much harder when conspiracies begin to take place, as a result she decides to leave the court to spread the Han culture.