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Faithful to Buddha, Faithful to You

Episodes: 1/20
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Faithful to Buddha, Faithful to You

Native title: 不负如来不负卿
English title: Faithful to Buddha, Faithful to You

After many failed attempts, 23 year old historian student Ai Qing (Chen Rong) successfully travels through time and meets Kumarajiva (Niu Zi Fan), a little monk who is 13 at the time. Their relationship begins as teacher and student, but he develops a crush on her ever since. Years passed for him but only mere months for her and they meet again when the little boy is at the blossoming age of24. They recognize their love for each other, but he is a man with a divine mission and they suffer immensely. The third time they meet again, Kumarajiva is in the worst years of his life and she stays by his side through it all.

**A time-travel romance adapted from the popular novel Faithful to Buddha, Faithful to You by Xiao Chun 小春.