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Forever Young Season II

Episodes: 39/39
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Forever Young Season II

Network:  VTV, StoryOn channel, Channel M.

Genre: Idol drama

Episodes: 36  (45 minutes/episode)  The first 20 episodes was filmed in Korea, the rest 16 episodes was shot in Vietnam.

Director:  Nguyễn Khải Anh – Myung Hyun Woo – Bùi Tiến Huy

Starring:  Kang Tae Oh – Jun Su  /  Shin Hae Sun – Miso / Shin Jae Ha – Ji Young / Lee Kyu Bok – Sung Jae

Trần Thị Nhã Phương – Linh / Lê Hồng Đăng – Khánh / Trần Kim Tuyến – Mai 


Plot:  Forever Young centered on young people with experience at a particular period of time in their lives – the experience with no regrets. The boys and girls in the movie are still very young, their future is filled with many chances, pursuits, and wishes. They went through meaningful years in Seoul, experienced enough ups and downs, failures, successes and momentous happenings of friendship, love … to then become the people who dare to dream, dare to desire …

Linh – a beautiful girl, innocent, familiar pamper parents made dreams come true: Came to Korea to learn and satisfied K-Pop passion and culture of this land of Kim Chi. Linh started living independently in a foreign country by first gaining a scholarship at a university in Seoul. Casually sharing inn with Khanh, Mai and Junsu – the son’s hostess who was dashing but rather unruly, Linh had many difficulties since Junsu was a jinx who always made troubles for her. With man, much personality and different interests while living under one roof will be irreconcilable, but all four of them and other friends had overcome all disagreements and had a memorable period of time filled with happy and sad memories, so in retrospect they all regretted not having lived all alone with youth.
Lead roles

Thuy Linh: Linh is the only child in her family, so she is indulge by her parents. She loves Korean culture, especially music of this country. Linh wins a scholarship to study in the land of Kim Chi and here, she has made extremely memorable memories of a beautiful youth.
Lee Jun Su: Junsu is the landlady’s son. This guy has an attractive appearance with dance ability and a beautiful voice. Currently, Jun Su is a trainee in a famous entertainment company. Jun Su’s life turns upside down since the first moment Thuy Linh appears in his life.
Khanh: Khanh is an elite students coming to Korea to complete his master degree on Korean Government’s scholarship. However, Khanh aims to find information about his Korean father. Khanh and Linh first meet with numerous troubles. Indeed, he doesn’t not expect his fate and leaves parts tied together since then.

Supporting roles

Mai: Mai is a teacher at an international school in Korea. Mai helps Linh right from the early days she comes to Korea and who she can share a lot of feelings about love and life with.
Miso: Miso not only has a strong personality but also is intelligent. She has a unilateral love with Jun Su during her study time. However, she never dares to express her love. To Jun Su, Miso is always just a friend.
Sung Jae: Sung Jae is close friend in the group of Jun Su, Miso and Sung Jae. Sung Jae is optimistic, cheerful, but not at once makes Jun Su and Miso crazy.
Ji Yong: Ji Yong, a third grade students who always unruly takes actions against teachers. Ji Yong repeatedly makes Mai stressed but he is gradually being touched because of Mai’s gentle and sincere manner.
Jun Hee: Jun Hee, who is Jun Su’s sister, studies at the same school and has special feelings with Ji Yong.