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Kleun Cheewit

Episodes: 15/15
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Kleun Cheewit

Thai title: คลื่นชีวิต
English title: Kleun Cheewit, Waves of Life, Life’s Waves


Jeerawat ,or Jee, is an actress and model. She had a bad childhood, her mother left her with her grandmother and her step-father abused her. So she drinks alcohol as a way of coping.
One day, when her problems were too heavy to bare, she got drunk and drove her car, hitting and killing Tiw, Satit’s fiancee.
Satit is a lawyer with a bright future. He is friends with Chaiyan, a director, who happens to be very close friends with Jee.
When Satit meets Jee, he lashes out at her, in anger, at every opportunity. Then, he notices the closeness between Chaiyan and Jee, and believes they must be having an affair. Although Chaiyan has feelings towards Jee, they are only good friends. Piak, Chaiyan’s wife, is jealous of their closeness and also believes her husband is having an affair with Jee. So Satit and Piak conspire to ruin Jee’s reputation, defame her and destroy her career.

(Cre: Mydramalist)