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Men With Swords Season 2

Episodes: 30/30
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Men With Swords Season 2

Chinese title: 刺客列传2之龙血玄黄
English title: Men With Swords Season 2


After the assassination of the king of the dominant Yao Guang state of the Jun Tian Kingdom, the four vassal states of Tian Xuan, Tian Shu, Tian Ji and Tian Quan have split the kingdom into four respective territories to rule over.

The disguised prince of Yao Guang, Mu Rong Li (Zha Jie), decides to flee Tian Quan in order to protect Zhi Ming (Zhu Jian), the king of Tian Quan. He travels to the Nan Su Kingdom in order to continue his revenge plan to revive his destroyed nation.

But when the barbaric Nan Su Kingdom launches an attack to gain control over their region, Li must work with Zhi Ming and Jian Bin (Evan Ma), the king of Tian Ji, and Ling Guang (Lu Yun Feng), the king of Tian Xuan, to protect their land.