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Midnight’s Girl (aka Girl of 0 AM)

0시의 그녀
Episodes: 8/8
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Midnight’s Girl (aka Girl of 0 AM)

Hangul: 0시의 그녀
English title: Midnight’s Girl
Aka: Girl at 0 o’clock, Girl of 0 AM, Midnight Girl, My Superstar Jidan


A young man aspires to become a successful singer, but how does he get there? Gong Jidan (Nam Tae Hyun) is a charismatic young man who wants to become a singing superstar. He starts his own karaoke business and uses it to help hone his singing skills. Sera (Seo Min Ji), a mysterious part-time employee, tries to do all she can to help Jidan achieve his dream. Will Jidan be able to find the success he seeks? “Midnight’s Girl” is a 2015 South Korean web drama.