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Only Side by Side with You

Episodes: 40/40
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Only Side by Side with You

Native title: 南方有乔木
English title: Only Side by Side with You


An ambitious but desperate career woman meets a charming bartender who agrees to be her business partner. But he’s not by her side for the profit.

Qiao Nan (Bai Bai He, Surgeons) is an ambitious career woman. Driven and intelligent, there is nothing she can’t face. Except finding out her fiance is having an affair. Heartbroken, Qiao Nan soon sees her life plans unravel as she also loses an important business partner. Unwilling to be defeated, Qiao Nan heads to a high-end club to find potential investors in her business.

There, she meets someone a little too invested.

Yue Shi (William Chan, Lost Love in Times) is a club owner. A former member of the Special Forces, he takes a particular interest in Qiao Nan. He thinks she had something to do with the downfall of his career in the military. As revenge, Yue Shi decides that he will take advantage of Qiao Nan’s desperation. With vengeance on his mind, he approaches Qiao Nan with a deal.

As they work together, Qiao Nan and Yue Shi butt heads but also get closer to each other. She wants success and he wants revenge; all they have to do is make sure they stay side by side.