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Plerng Boon

Episodes: 17/17
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Plerng Boon

Title: เพลิงบุญ / Plerng Boon
Also known as: The Fire of Virtue/The Frenenemies


Pimala and Jai-Rerng is close friend since they were kids. They are neighbor and study in the same class. One day, Rerk’s family moves to live as their neighbor and he befriend with these 2 girls. Rerk and Jai-Rerng have a crush on each other and start to date each other. Rerk falls head over heels for Jai-Rerng while Jai-Rerng doesn’t care much about him. Everytime when Rerk and Jai-Rerng have problem and quarrel with each other, Rerk always ask for advice and consult with Pimala. Later, after Jai-Rerng meets Terdpan, she asks to break up with Rerk and gets married with Terdpan. It hurts Rerk so much and he is very angry at her. After that, Rerk and Pimala get familiar to each other more and more. One day, Rerk confesses love to Pimala and they date each other and promise that they will get married after Pimala graduate. In the engagement day, Jai-Rerng appears at their ceremony. She tells Pimala that she is going to divorce with Terdpan. After Rerk and Pimala get married and move to live together privately, Jai-Rerng who gets divorce with her husband already, comes to ask for help from Pimala. Pimala feels sorry for her friend, so she allow Jai-Rerng to move in to live with her and Rerk. Pimala doens’t know that her decision is going to break her family because after Jai-Rerng moves in to live with them, she tries to interfere between Pimala and Rerk all the time. Rerk is still angry at Jai-Rerng for leaving him to get married with someone else, so he wants to win over and revenge Jai-Rerng. He has affair with Jai-Rerng finally. Rerk confesses it to Pimala and it shocks Pimila so much. Pimala is very hurt and asks for divorce with Rerk, but he refuses to do so and asks for her forgiveness and she forgives him. Later, Pimala is so shocked again when she knows that Jai-Rerng is pregnant with Rerk, and this time she can get divorce with Rerk at last, though Rerk doesn’t want to. As the time goes by, Rerk live with Jai-Rerng as husband and wife and they get a son. He and Jai-Rerng quarrel with each other everyday. Rerk become a drunkard and Jai-Rerng goes out to have fun outside as her habit. They quarrel with each other more and more until Jai-Rerng leave him and her son and run away out of home. Rerk feels regretful for what he has done. He just realize that he can’t win over a woman like Jai-Rerng at all. Everything is because of his own stupidity that makes him break up with Pimala. Rerk tries to get back with Pimala and asks for her forgiveness. Pimala refuses him because she still fear that he will betray her again, but she give in to him at last because she can’t deny that she still love him so much.