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Special Beautiful Man 2 (A Different Kind of Pretty Man 2)

Episodes: 29/30
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Special Beautiful Man 2 (A Different Kind of Pretty Man 2)

Chinese title: 不一样的美男子Ⅱ / Bu Yi Yang De Mei Nan Zi Er
English title: Special Beautiful Man 2
As known as: A Different Kind of Pretty Man 2


Zhang Yun Long
Kan Qing Zi
Andy Chen
Jiang Yu Xi


A story about the ordinary life of a young man and woman from the city, whom in the midst of fate and the fight against youth to create an inspirational love story. It focuses mainly on twin sisters Chu Xia and Xiao Jin (Kan Qing Zi), who meet and reunite due to an accident, but both accidentally fall in love with the same boy, Guan Hao (Zhang Yun Long). After repeated hardships and life and death tests, Chu Xia takes friendship and love on a different course, fighting with her lover over the course of fate, and in the end, finally living a happy life. This drama aims to show the loveliness and strive towards true love and positive pursuit of life and love.
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