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Fight For My Way

쌈 마이웨이
Episodes: 0/16
Fight For My Way

Hangul: 쌈 마이웨이
English title: Fight For My Way
Aka: Third-Rate My Way, Ssam My Way

Plot Summary

It’s a drama about the growing romance between two people who have third-rate lives, but still want to live life their way regardless of what others say.

Drama tells the story of Go Dong-Man and Choi Ae-Ra.

In their school days, Go Dong-Man took part in taekwondo. Now, he makes a living by working as a contract employee and also goes after the UFC title.

Choi Ae-Ra hoped to become an announcer, but she gave up her dream. Now, she works at the information desk of a department store.

Go Dong-man and Choi Ae-ra have been best friends since childhood. They argue and tease each other all the time, but if someone else insults one of them, they are quick to defend each other. They’re calling this relationship ssamantic, a hodgepodge of “third-rate,” “bickering,” and “romantic.” Later on, their ssamantic relationship will cherry-blossom into a new romance.

source: asianwiki, dramabeans