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Sweet Temptation

달콤한 유혹
Episodes: 10/10
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Sweet Temptation

Native title: 달콤한 유혹
English title: Sweet Temptation

This web drama will have 6 segments each starring a different T-ara Member. The segments will have two episodes each, except for segment 1 and segment 2, which will have only one episode each.

1. “Baby Good Girl” – Park So Yeon and Lee Joong Moon
2. “Black Holiday” – Lee Qri and Jang Su Won
3. “Only for You” – Ham Eun Jung and Kim Jae Wook
4. “Reborn” – ParkJi Yeon and Seo Jun Young
5. “The Recipe of Love” – Jeon Bo Ram and Kim Si Woo
6. “When You Are in Love, it Rains” – Park Hyo Min and Hyun Woo