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The First Half of My Life

Episodes: 42/42
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The First Half of My Life

Chinese title: 我的前半生
English title: The First Half of My Life


Luo Zi Jun (Ma Yi Li) thought she had a happy life after marrying Chen Jun Sheng (Lei Jia Yin) and was a devoted housewife. But when Jun Sheng suddenly files for divorce and leaves her, Zi Jun’s idyllic life crumbles around her. She turns to her best friend, Tang Jing (Yuan Quan), and her longtime boyfriend, He Han (Jin Dong), and for emotional support and advice. He Han is a successful businessman and Tang Jing is a high-powered career woman.

With the help of He Han and Tang Jing, Zi Jun gets back into the workforce and tries to piece her life back together. But what happens when He Han and Zi Jun start to develop feelings for each other?