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The Legendary Tycoon

Episodes: 42/42
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The Legendary Tycoon

Chinese title: 传奇大亨
English title: The Legendary Tycoon

Some lives are just destined for greatness. Set in 1930s Shanghai, Gu Yan Mei (Zhang Han) is the youngest of four Gu brothers who are working break into the film industry. He follows his third brother, Gu Ruo Xia (Kevin Tan), to Singapore to grow their film business. However, when war breaks out, the brothers decide to move their film production base to Hong Kong.

Yan Mei takes the reigns of the family business and grows it to become the leading film production company in Hong Kong, gaining fame as the “Czar of Asian Movies.” His illustrious life also is marked by his love for three women, Hu Bi Yu (Jia Qing), Mei Gui (Joe Chen) and Qu Meng (Song Yi), as well as his generous philanthropic contributions.