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The Lover

Episodes: 12/12
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The Lover

Hangul: 더러버
English title: The Lover


Four “couples” test the boundaries of their relationship when they decide to cohabitate without stepping through the threshold of marriage first. Oh Do Si (Oh Jung Se) and Ryoo Doo Ri (Ryu Hyun Kyung) are in their 30s and have been living together for two years. As Do Si works as a voice-over actor and Doo Ri runs a blog, it’s hard to tell that the loving couple is anything but a married couple who support one another through their daily trials and triumphs. Choi Jin Nyeo (Choi Yeo Jin) is a frugal older woman who lives with her much younger boyfriend, Jeong Yeong Joon (Jung Joon Young), a lackadaisical man who carries a guitar around everywhere although he doesn’t even know how to play it. Although Jin Nyeo is supporting Young Joon, he finds ways to get under her good graces with his youthful charms. Ha Seol Eun (Ha Eun Sul) and Park Hwan Jong (Park Jong Hwan) are in their 20s and have just moved in together. Seol Eun still works tirelessly to present her perfectly femininity persona in front of Hwan Jong, but how long can she keep up the illusion? Living in the same apartment building as the three cohabitating couples is Lee Joon Jae (Lee Jae Joon), a young man who lives alone but realizes that he must take a roommate to save money. Ever the loner, he decides to take in a foreign roommate to minimize the need for meaningful interaction. But when the adventure-seeking Takuya (Terada Takuya) from Japan moves in, Joon Jae may be forced out into the world against his wishes. “The Lover” is a 2015 South Korean drama series directed by Kim Tae Eun.