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Sweet Combat

Episodes: 10/38
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Sweet Combat

Chinese title: 甜蜜暴击
English title: Sweet Combat

Ming Tian (Lu Han) has had to work hard to provide for his younger siblings while growing up poor and without parents. He had to learn to use his fists to survive in the harsh world.

When he gets a scholarship to attend a sports university, he meets fighters of a very different kind. Fang Yu (Guan Xiao Tong) is the heir to a family conglomerate, but she goes against her family’s wishes to attend the sports university and become a boxing champion.

When Fang Yu’s friends, Song Xiao Mi (Ivy Shao) and Cheng Ya Nan (Li Meng Meng), meet the handsome Ming Tian, they all vie for the chance to train him. With the help of Fang Yu and her friends, can Ming Tian become a skilled sportsman?