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To Be a Better Man

Episodes: 42/42
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To Be a Better Man

Chinese title: To Be a Better Man
English title: 好先生


Sun Honglei (The Warring States) stars in a sumptuous romantic drama about a man whose tragedy forces him to confront the past he left behind. Lu Yuan (Sun Honglei) has worked tirelessly to build a career as a celebrity chef in America. But the journey from the streets to magazine covers has led others to believe the master cook is reckless and arrogant, with some even likening him to the devil. And all that happens to be true, except around the friend he loves. But when that friend is killed in a tragic car accident, Lu Yuan returns home and finds himself face-to-face with people he never wanted to see again, while also getting entangled with Jiang Lai (critically-acclaimed actress Shu Ying “Maggie” Jiang), an old classmate’s sister, and Gan Jing (veteran performer Che Xiao), an ex who has now re-entered the picture.