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Traces of the Hand

손의 흔적
Episodes: 17/17
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Traces of the Hand

Hangul: 손의 흔적
English title: Traces of the Hand


Kim Hong Sik (Shin Jae Ha) is a shy young man who returns to college after serving his mandatory military service. He discovers an app called T-Scope that helps him to see other people’s secret messages. Can he use it to help him capture the heart of the “Queen of the Engineering College” (Ryu Hwayoung), whom he has secretly loved for years?

“Traces of the Hand” is a 2017 Viki Original web drama series that is based on webtoon of the same name. It is a three-season series, starring Ryu Hwayoung, with Season 1 also being titled “Traces of the Hand.” Season 2 is “Girl’s War” about surviving a girl group audition, and Season 3 is “Fortuneteller’s Secret Recipe” about a young woman who develops the ability to foretell the future.

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