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U-Prince The Series: The Foxy Pilot

Episodes: 4/4
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U-Prince The Series: The Foxy Pilot

Thai title: แสบแอบชิงหัวใจนักบินขี้เบื่อ
English title: U-Prince The Series: The Foxy Pilot


Khun Hawk is a grumpy graduate from the Faculty of Engineering, majoring in aviation. He is cold and rarely expresses any emotion. When he attends the job interview at Palmer Airlines, the owner requests from him to “be a friend to someone” in order to get the job. That someone is revealed to be his spoiler daughter Aurora who likes to be called “princess”. She is full of herself but also very lonely and tends to hide her true feelings behind a smile. It seems that Hawk and Aurora couldn’t be more wrong for each other… but is that really true?