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Rush to the Dead Summer

Episodes: 46/46
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Rush to the Dead Summer

Chinese title: 夏至未至 / Xiàzhì wèi zhì
English title: Rush to the Dead Summer, Return to the Dead Summer


The story was set in an imaginary city called Qian Chuan. The author uses ten years as the timeline, describing the doubt of the youth who are in secondary school and just entered the society.The novel begins in a city known for tall camphor trees. The youth study in the high school and the story begins in a warm summer. Lu Zhi Ang used to be an outgoing and kind boy, but after his mother died of cancer, he changed into a silent boy. Fu Xiao Si becomes a well-known artist because of the Jingchuan Art Competition. Li Xia, who likes Fu, finally wins the affection of Fu. After the education, they all part company each going his own way. Li Xia goes to Beijing for further study with Fu, Lu Zhi Ang goes to Japan and Cheng Qi Qi goes to Shanghai. The world of adults is complete.They fight for their dreams and pursue their further. However, in face of Lu’s imprisonment, Cheng’s betrayal, Li’s departure, they are faced with incredible problems. Everyone is changing and they become doubtful about the pure of love and the origin of friendship.

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