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Ordinary Person

Episodes: 0/1
Ordinary Person

Hangul: 보통사람 / Botongsaram
English title: Ordinary Person


In the spring of 1987, Kang Sung-jin (Son Hyun-joo) was an uprighteous police officer with a wife (Ra Mi-ran) and a son. Their only wish was to lead a simple life and they worked hard towards their dream of owning a two-storey house. One day Sung-jin got involved in a conspiracy led by National Security Planning chief, Choi Gyu-nam (Jang Hyuk) after he arrested a suspected murderer (Jo Dal-hwan) by chance. Gyu-nam, being a cold-blooded and manipulative man, made use of Sung-jin’s weakness to strike a deal with him. Despite newspaper reporter Chu Jae-jin (Kim Sang-ho)’s advice to quit from the operation, Sung-jin discovered that he did not have a choice as he had already scheduled an operation to treat his son’s legs.