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One Smile is Very Alluring Movie

Episodes: 1/1
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One Smile is Very Alluring Movie

What makes a guy fall in love with a girl at first glance: appearance, temperament, net worth, NO, it’s the flying nimble fingertips. When the school king and top player Xiao Nai classmate (Boran Jing) first sees the beautiful maiden Bei Wei Wei (Angelababy), he doesn’t love her for her stunning colors but for her flying fingertips on the keyboard of her delicate hands and calm momentum. And it is also the top player Bei Wei Wei who fights a perfect battle on the Internet, not knowing that Cupid is nearby. Afterwards, the basketball, swimming, skilled in all aspects and boss of a gaming development company, Xiao Nai, begins to pursue this beauty’s heart whether on the Internet or off of it. Thus, a scene of love, quietly sprouts in the time that it takes a flower to bloom.

Angelababy as Bei Wei Wei