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Duckweed (aka Ride the Winds)

Episodes: 1/1
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Duckweed (aka Ride the Winds)

Chinese title: 乘风破浪
English title: Duckweed
As known as: Ride the Winds, Break the Waves


The film tells the emotional story about the reconciliation between a father and his son. Ah Lang, a youth from a small town, thinks that his father Ah Zheng never understood his occupation and life. In a fateful occurrence, he is able to experience his father’s legendary and interesting life in the past.

Movie started with Xu Tailang (Deng Chao) winning the 2022 China Rally Championship as his aging father, Xu Zhengtai (Eddie Peng) watches. Following this, while taking his father for a speed drive an oncoming train crashes into the side at rear end of his car as it jumps over the railway track As he lies on the gurney being pushed along the corridor of a hospital, he sees himself transported back in time to 1998 in the town where he was born. Thus, begins his comical adventures with his young father (Eddie Peng) and the people during that time period, at the same time meeting his mother whom he has never seen in person because she committed suicide due to postpartum depression after giving birth to him. Through it all, he learns how his father lived his life then, how much he loved his mother (Zanilia Zhao), why he went to prison for six years, understands his father better and gains respect for him.

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