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Three Weddings

Episodes: 1/1
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Three Weddings

Title: Three Weddings – 爸爸的3次婚礼

Gushi and Qian Xiao Qiong was a pair of university couple, they soon fell in love and decided to cohabit. However, ‘accidents’ kept happening, and finally one accident proved decisive, Xiao Qiong decides to leave for Australia. 6 years later, Xiao Qiong is with her son Xiao Tian, Gushi is with a new girlfriend. During a wedding reception, this past couple again chanced upon each other, the young Xiao Tian, although well fed and taken care of, but lacking in fatherly love is immensely curious of Gushi. The young but witty Xiao Tian embarks on a seemingly mission impossible, thus beginning a hilarious family comedy.