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Chinese Paladin 5

Yun Zhi Fan《仙剑云之凡》
Episodes: 45/45
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Chinese Paladin 5

English Title: Chinese Paladin 5
Chinese Title: 仙剑云之凡
Cast: Elvis Han, Gulnazar, Joe Cheng
Episodes: 40
Airing Days: Mondays, Tuesdays
Broadcasting Station: HNTV

Synopsis: Elvis Han as Jiang Yun Fan, child of a noble family but for some reason was adopted by a bandit family and lives in the mountains. He’s bright, outgoing, and has a great sense of justice. Tang Yu Rou, part of the Four Great Families. Gulnazar as Tang Yu Rou, part of the Four Great Families. She’s saved by our hero while gathering medicine for her village. She has great healing powers and prefers to use them to help people than to fight. Love her hair and costume here!