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Native title: 梁山伯与祝英台 2017
English title: Butterfly Lovers (2017)
Aka: The Butterfly Lovers

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This drama is remade drama from Butterfly Lovers 2007
The Butterfly Lovers is a sad love story. It begins with a rich daughter (Zhu Ying Tai) disguised as a man to pursue her intellectual needs at an academy. There she befriends Liang Shan Bo. They study day and night together but because Shan Bo is a gentlemanly nerd, he fails to recognize her feminine characteristics. When they see their love for each other, it’s too late as Ying Tai is forced to marry another man. Shan Bo falls critically ill and eventually dies after hearing the news. On the day of their wedding, Ying Tai sneaks off to visit his grave and begs for it to open up. Once it does, Ying Tai throws herself into the hole. The two dead love birds become a pair of butterflies, never to be separated again.