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Flowers Shall Send Us on Our Way (2017) – 一路繁花相送


Chung Wallace
Ying Er
Qiao Zhen Yu


When they were 15 years old, Xin Chen said to Lu Fei: Anyway, your first kiss belonged to me. When they were 17 years old, Xin Chen said to Lu Fei: I don’t want to be anyone’s responsibility. When they were 25 years old, Xin Chen said to Lu Fei: I don’t have the right to act willful and become an uninvited guest in other people’s life after saying good-bye. The feeling as childhood sweetheart has already become life’s most warm memories. Is it possible for it to continue unchanged until forever?

When they met again, she was no longer naïve and straightforward, no longer believe in love. Their meeting means nodding to each other to say hello or a new beginning?

(Credit: Shu Sheng Bar)