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I Love My President Though He Is A Psycho – 4udrama.com


Title: 总裁在上我在下
English title: I Love My President Though He Is A Psycho
Genre: Modern, Romance
Director:  Li Yao Bo
Broadcast Date: February 24, 2017

Zhu Nicole

Yung Yvonne

Pan Zi Jian

Ye Xiao Kai

Shi Xiao Nian is a third-rate cartoonist living an ordinary life. Until one day a rich CEO of an IT company, suffering from paranoia, captures her and asks her to return their child, which she “supposedly” gave birth to 3 years before. He utilizes every mean to force an answer and to pursue her, including low-EQ techniques. But as he faces her gentleness and courage, they fall in love…